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Garfield Golden Grads, Seattle -- Home Page - Garfield Golden Grads, Seattle Garfield Golden Grads, Seattle -- Home Page - Garfield Golden Grads, Seattle
Garfield Golden Grads (GGG)
Garfield High School, Seattle, WA
400 23rd Avenue, Seattle, WA 98122
206-252-2270 (Main GHS Office)


Welcome to the Garfield Golden Grads website!
Please explore, join the site, use the information to your best advantage,
and let us know if you have any suggestions, corrections, or thoughts!
-- Al Finegold '55, Webmaster afinegold@msn.com

Mission of Garfield
Golden Grads
To bring together former high school classmates -- the best and most lasting friends
most of us will ever have -- for friendship and community service.

* Publishing a twice-yearly GGG GAZETTE alumni magazine*
* Holding an annual luncheon for all GGG members and their guests *
* Inducting outstanding Garfield graduates into a GGG Hall of Fame *
* Awarding college scholarships to meritorious graduating Garfield seniors fromvoluntary
donationsand endowmentsmade by GGG members *
* Conducting other programs, activities, and events to bring long-time friends together *

To have information posted here about your planned or proposed class reunion in 2015 or 2016, or any other significant GGG event or deadline, let webmaster Al Finegold know at afinegold@msn.com.

-- GGG 2015 Membership/Dues Form: Click HERE (see explanation below)

-- GGG Voluntary Scholarship Donation Form: CLICK HERE (See explanation of form in the article below.)

-- GGG 2014-2015 Calendar of Events: Click HERE

-- 2014-2015 GGG Officers, Committees, and other Board Members: Click HERE

-- 2014-2015 GGG Class Representatives: Click HERE

-- GGG Hall of Fame Honorees from 1990 (inception) to 2014: Click HERE


Thanks to Garfield Prinicpal Ted Howard '85, Honorary GGG Member, GGG has a large display cabinet in the Garfield lobby hallway, just to the right of the entry doors into the Commons (the school's Lunchroom/Great Room). Click HERE for photo. GGG Historian Lana Lederman Finegold '59 and several helpers stocked and arranged the display at the June 2014 GGG annual luncheon, using items from Lana's Historian archives, to show off many GHS and GGG items of possible interest to both GHS faculty, staff and students, and to occasional GGG visitors to the school. Items include very early (1920s) The Arrow school annuals , The Pen literary magazines, books by Garfield authors, items used by long-time Garfield Principal E. E. Hanselman, photographs, and many other items of memorabilia. Description notes and cards are also included. Lana plans to rotate the display items several times a school year, and will include appropriate display items provided by GGG classes or individual members. Contact Lana at lanafinegold@msn.com to discuss items for display. If you ever visit the school to see your grandchildren perform or play in a game, or for any other reason, remember to stop by and check out the GGG display cabinet.

Here's a link to a recently found article written by Sadie Mintz '23 in late 2012 for the then-new Worn Stories website blog. As most of you know, Sadie passed away in December 2013, just two months shy of her 107th birthday. Worn Stories, which will be published in book form in August 2014, is a collection of touching personal stories about clothing, fashion, and memory. Click the link to read about Sadie and her acquaintences Mary Pickford, Mae West, and Marilyn Monroe. Enjoy! http://wornstories.com/sadie-mintz/

With Sadie Steinberg Mintz '23 passing (see article above), our GGG longevity champion is Dick Hendricks, class of 1926, who will turn 105 years old in August 2014, exactly two months to the day after the 2014 annual luncheon. Dick, who lives locally in Bothell, WA, was with us at the luncheon, along with two of his daughters, and was introduced from the podium. We have several other likely centenarians from the graduating classes of '30-'33, and will include their information, with their permission, as soon as we confirm it. Members may be aware that earlier in 2014, the GGG Executive Committte and then the full Board of Directors approved granting Honorary Lifetime Memberships to all nine GGG members in the classes of 1935 and earlier. Congratulations and continued good health to those members, and may their great GHS and GGG genes rub off on all the rest of us!!

Everyone who has ever gone to Garfield knows about, and perhaps brags about, Quincy Jones and Jimi Hendrix, two of Garfield's most famous and successful students. But how many of you know about Irvine (Irv) Robbins, who attended or graduated from Garfield in 1935 (his exact attendance stauus is still being researched), when he was 18 years old, and whose name and affiliation are probably way, way, way more familiar to young children growing up today...and yesterday...than Quincy and Jimi and Bruce and Brandon and Macklemore together ever were. Just ask any 5-10 year old! A clue: think 31! A second clue: think 31 Flavors! Yes, he's that guy -- Irv Robbins, Garfield student, and his brother-in-law Burton "Burt" Baskin, were co-founders, in 1947, and patriarchs of Baskin-Robbins, now the world's largest ice cream specialty company, with over 7,000 stores worldwide. A coin flip determined the order of their names on the marquee. Irv was the partner who invented most of the hundreds of flavors and fanciful names for the chain's selections. And the company is credited with being the first food company ever -- long before the McDonald's and the Burger Kings and the KFCs-- to franchise their restaurant outlets. For "the rest of the story," inluding learning what Irv's favorite flavor was (its initials are J.A.F.), check out some of the articles and links HERE and HERE.

Garfield is the Alma Mater of a large number of amazing and famous graduates, and an even great number of amazing but not necessarily famou students. For a Wikipedia online encyclopedia list of the former category, click HERE. See how many names you recognize and perhaps went to school with...or wish you did. You can CRRL-Click on the name of any of those listed with a hyperlink (an underline) and bring up detailed information about them.

For a well-researched and well written nostalgia piece on Garfield athletics -- sports columnists Dave Eskanazi's and Steve Rudman's 2013 reader voting article in SportspressNW.com to " identify the most significant athletic figure in Garfield High’s storied history" -- click HERE. Reader voting results can be seen by clicking on the "View Results" link at the end of the 20 listed names near the bottom of the article. Lot's of good old Garfield fan memory here.

We seem to know a lot about our Garfield High alma mater's illustrious past and its great graduates and other attendees, but for those who don't know too much about the school's namesake, James A. Garfield, 20th President of the United States, here's the scoop from the Wikipedia online encylopedia: Click HERE.

GGG Apparel Lady Mimi Schlosstein James ‘55 reports that we reduced our inventory of GGG logo shirts and hats by $325 at the 2014 annual luncheon on June 14, 2014. While the supply of most items is down to rock bottom, and will probably stay that way to avoid keeping a large inventory perpetually on hand for basically a one-day sale, she does have a decent supply of both purple and white polo shirts, all sizes, originally $27 and $32, now reduced to just $15. An additional $4 for postage if you don’t pick it up at her home. Mimi also has a very few logo sweatshirts and hats, also priced below cost. Contact her at www.jplmimi@hotmail.com or at 206-634-1133 if interested. She may also be able to order some items one at a time, on request, so contact Mimi for availability, costs, questions, etc. Mimi plans to ask the GGG Board of Directors at its August meeting about offering GGG logo t-shirts (as opposed to polo shirts and sweatshirts) in the future, an item we’ve never carried. If approved, details will be on this website and in the October 2014 Gazette.


ADDRESS, PHONE NUMBER, OR E-MAIL CHANGES - If your address, phone number, e-mail address, or other contact information changes, please notify Membership Secretary Marcie Cole Riedinger at mmrrosie@comcast.net or 206-546-2582. Because the Post Office doesn't forward or return copies of the GGG Gazette if they're sent to an old or bad address, you likely won't receive your copy if you don't let us know that your mailing address changd. Similarly, Class Representatives who learn of their members' contact changes should notify Marcie to make sure she has the updated information.

NEWS ARTICLES FOR THE GGG GAZETTE - For printing consideration in the GAZETTE, e-mail general articles you've written, or links to suggested articles about GGG members or Garfield matters, to GAZETTE Editor Carolyn Carpp at gggrad54@gmail.com. Call her with questions at 425-861-9949. Photos may also be e-mailed to her with your submission. All articles are subject to editing if needed becasue of space considerations. But please DO NOT send Carolyn your contact information changes (see paragraph immediatately above) or obituary or class news information (see paragraphs immediately below.)

OBITUARY INFORMATION - If you know of, or read of, the death of any Garfield High School graduate from the class of 1964 or earlier, especially those who didn't live in the Greater Seattle area (and therefore their death might not be listed in the Seattle Times or other local newspapers), please notify Obituary Secretary Laverne (Lovely) Kershner Smith at laverne_ks@yahoo.com or 425-739-9630.

CLASS NEWS - Class news for each issue of the GGG Gazette, including photos, should be sent by members or Class Representatives to Class News Coordinator Theldona Shingler Esko at theldonaesko@hotmail.com or mailed to her at home at 2909 NE 178th Street, Lake Forest Park, WA 98155-4022.

REPEAT: Please send contact information changes, obituary notifications, and class news to the above specified GGG officials, NOT to GGG Gazette Editor Carolyn Carpp or other GGG officers.

The GGG Board of Directors welcomes the Garfield High School Class of 1965 into the Golden Grads circle of alums. Members of that class with valid mailing or email addresses on file with GGG at the date of mailing received a complimentary mailed or email copy of the April 2015 GAZETTE, and all who join GGG as members (2015 membership form here) will receive the October 2015 GAZETTE as well. The initial class of '65 representative to the GGG Board of Directors is Doris Stephens Hill, 7239 SE 29th Street, Mercer Island, WA 98040-2314, dorisjeanhill@gmail.com.

2015 GGG Dues & Voluntary Donation Forms

All persons who graduated from or attended Garfield High School in Seattle 50 or more years ago (currently 1965 or earlier) are eligible to join the Garfield Golden Grads (GGG), founded 28 years ago in 1987. Our principal missions, in serving as an umbrella alumni group for all GHS attendees after their 50th year reunion, are to (1) promote periodic contact and continued friendship among former classmates, (2) publish a semi-annual GGG GAZETTE alumni magazine, (3) hold an annual luncheon for GGG members, (4) honor outstanding Garfield alums in a GGG Hall of Fame, and (5) most importantly, collect voluntary scholarship donations from members to help meritorious Garfield seniors with approved college expenses the following schoool year.

GGG members who have not paid their 2015 dues yet, and new class of 1965 students and other eligible members who have not already joined GGG, should use the 2015 Membership Form for membership in GGG. Dues are $20 a year. The 2015 dues deadline for renewing, and for new members to receive the October 2015 issue of the GGG GAZETTE is September 1, 2015.

A special feature, begun in 2012, enables members to receive their GGG GAZETTEs by e-mail if they choose to. This is especially useful for members who travel or vacation during the year and aren't at their permanent home when their GAZETTE arrives, as the Post Office doesn't forward the bulk-mailed magazine or return it to GGG. It's also useful for those with computers, who are able to print individual pages. Check the box at the bottom of the 2015 dues form to choose e-mail delivery.

All members who pay dues receive the bi-annual GGG GAZETTE, are eligible to attend the GGG Annual Luncheon at Garfield, are eligible to nominate Garfield classmates to the GGG Hall of Fame, and receive other perks of membership (eg., free tickets occasionally to Garfield theatrical, musical, and sports events.)

GGG now has available a Voluntary Scholarship Donation Form. This is similar to the scholarship donation section on GGG dues forms, but without the dues component. It can be used at any time of the year to honor or remember a loved one or someone important to you. We sincerely invite all eligible Garfield graduates to join as members of GGG, and to help support the important scholarship donation efforts that can make a significant difference for many of the graduating seniors we are able to help. We're proud to say that as of 2012, GGG's 25th anniversary year, we had awarded an estimated $1 million or more in scholarships to at least 500 deserving seniors, and for 2013, 2014, and 2015 we've awarded an additional nearly $100,000 to about 25-35 Garfield students each year.

For the nostalgia-minded, click on this link to hear songs -- perhaps 100 or more -- that you may have known well when growing up -- the music of the World War II era. After the program launches, scroll thru the list and click on any of the listed songs to hear it, click on the Songlist link near the top of the page to see a printable song list, click on the Lyrics link to find lyrics, etc. Play it...and play with it! You'll no doubt have some fun, and some great old memories.

~ Garfield Songs We All Remember ~
Garfield Vagabond Song------Garfield Fight Song-------------Garfield Alma Mater
(Come and join the chorus...)...........(Garfield High, our Alma Mater...).....(We stand to honor Garfield....)

Come and join the chorus,
Sweeping all before us,
Garfield on to victory.
White and Purple wave,
Symbols of the brave,
Garfield on to victory.
Forward, forward is the battle cry,
Garfield High School spirit shall never die.
Hear the crowd a-dinning,
Our brave team's a-winning,
Garfield on to victory!

Garfield High, our Alma Mater,
We will guard thee on and on.
Let us gather round and cheer her,
Chant her glories, sing her songs.
Shout the praises of her warriors,
Sing her glories to the sky.
On to victory urge the heroes,
Of our dear old Garfield High.

We stand to honor Garfield
Our Alma Mater dear.
As one we sing her glories
And pledge our love sincere.
Her standards and traditions
Live on and never die.
In loyalty we sing to thee,

Garfield Songs Files Available to GGG Members

As a special treat for GGG members with computers, and thanks to the GHS Class of '59 reunion planning committee, we have music files of all three Garfield songs (the Vagabond Song, the Fight Song, and the Alma Mater) available to send to you via e-mail, along with the words to each. Just send an e-mail message to GGG Webmaster Al Finegold, with a subject of “Garfield Songs,” and Al will reply to your message with the song files (.mp3 format) attached, and the words in the text of the reply.

The song files are not very long, so they won’t take more than a minute or two to download. They should be playable on your computer and can be copied to your portable music player, to a flash drive, to a smartphone, or to a CD and played on your home or portable CD player or in some newer car audio systems. Contact Al at afinegold@msn.com.

LEAVE A LEGACY: Donating to Garfield's Future Generations
As most Garfield Golden Grads members know, our organization provides several valuable benefits to all of us. We (a) publish a semi-annual GGG Gazette magazine of 45-50 pages with class news, photos, articles, features, obituaries, and other items of GGG and Garfield interest; (b) hold an annual luncheon, program, and social gathering for members, with each luncheon the last few years at Garfield High School attracting from about 225 to over 300 attendees; (c) induct four or more outstanding 50+ year Garfield graduates annually into a GGG Hall of Fame; (d) make free tickets to Garfield theatre, musical, and sports events available to members when such tickets come our way from the school or from parent support groups; and (e) operate this GGG website, www.garfieldgg.wikifoundry.com, to help keep interested members with computers up-to-date on GGG and school events and happenings.

Perhaps no benefit is more important, however, than the scholarships that GGG has traditionally awarded to deserving, graduating Garfield seniors to help them pay for their college or university tuition and other approved school expenses. We are very proud of the fact that in 2010 GGG awarded $68,000 in new and renewal scholarships to 23 Garfield students to help them pay part of their tuition and other approved college expenses, in 2011 we awarded $85,000 to 33 students, in 2012 we awarded $78,000 to 29 students, and in 2013 and 2014 we awarded nearly $100,000 each year to about 35-40 students.

Most of the scholarship funds that GGG collects and awards each year come from two principal sources: (1) voluntary scholarship contributions made to the GGG General Scholarship Fund by individual members who donate, generally along with their annual dues payments, and often in honor or in memory of a loved or regarded one, and (2) annual income from several named endowment funds awarded for specific purposes, including vocational, leadership, music, and fine arts awards. The two most recent endowments are (1) a lasting legacy of a sizable portion of an estate left by a non-GGG member who passed away in 2010, and who wished in his will that the annual income of his gift be awarded through GGG to graduating Garfield seniors who will be studying education or journalism in college, and (2) an equally sizeable donation in 2012 by a GGG member who asked that his fund be focused principally on assisting graduating Garfield seniors who will be pursuing Fine Arts curriculums in college.

Anyone can donate any amount to the GGG General Scholarship Fund, and those willing and able may wish to consider including GGG in their estate plan through a direct gift or establishment of an endowment. While you should work with an attorney or estate planning specialist in setting up such a legacy, you may wish to discuss preliminary matters and options with our Immediate Past GGG Treasurer, Pat Webb Woodard ’44, at 206-542-2915 or pdub5@frontier.com, or with GGG Immediate Past President Al Finegold '55 at 425-747-5742 or afinegold@msn.com.

By donating in any form — and in any amount — you help sustain GGG’s scholarship support efforts for the year, or in perpetuity, and help ensure that current and future generations of Garfield students are able to attend quality schools of higher education and become successful and productive graduates in their own right. Please consider leaving a legacy through GGG to Garfield’s future generations…and future members of the GGG.

The April issue of each year's GGG GAZETTE is mailed or e-mailed to all members of record who have paid their dues for the current year or for the prior year, and to new members who pay dues by the GAZETTE mailing list cutoff date of February 28 or 29. The October issue is mailed or e-mailed to all new or renewing members who have paid GGG dues for the current year by the GAZETTE mailing list cutoff date of August 31 each year. October issues are not sent to those who our membership records show have not paid dues for the current year; and April and October issues are not sent to (a) those who our records show were deceased since the previous issue in April of that year; (b) those for whom we have no mail or e-mail address in our records; and (c) those members whose member spouse is also receiving a copy (unless one of the spouses specifically requests that copies be sent to each of them, or at least one spouse is on the GGG Board of Directors). For the October issue, those members who pay for the current year after the August 31st mailing list cutoff date will receive an e-mail copy of the GAZETTE if they have an e-mail address, or a hard copy if they have no e-mail and the Membership Secretary still has spare copies available.

If you don't receive an issue of a GAZETTE that you expect because you're a paid up member and don't fall within one of the four listed exceptions, please contact Membership Secretary Marcie Cole Riedinger at mmrrosie@comcast.net or 206-546-2582, or GAZETTE Mailing List coordinator Al Finegold at afinegold@msn.com or 425-747-5742.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

To make it easier for readers to navigate this website, the following are the key pages that are currently available. You may click the links below, which are the same as the ones on the left side of this Home page, to go directly to a webpage. Please let the webmaster know if you encounter a problem of any kind in accessing the pages, or have any suggestions for improving the website.

About Us - a few words about what GGG is and what we do as an organization
Membership Criteria and Benefits - a brief description of GGG membership eligibility criteria and membership benefits
Using This Website - some quick navigation instructions for this website.
Home Page Articles Continued - used where necessary for the remainder of long Home Page articles
GGG Privacy and Member Contact Policy

Bulldog Bricks
Class-By-Class News & Photos
GGG Board Vacancies
GGG Bylaws
GGG Policy or Procedures Changes or Clarifications

Garfield Passages
Links to Other Garfield & Related Web Sites
Messages for the Webmaster
Person-to-Person Messages
Profiles of Success
Reunion & Party Halls & Other Venues
Stuff for Sale
Suggested Changes to Website
"Where in the World Is...........???"

Archived Articles and Other Items

Other news and items of interest are on the subsidiary pages to this Home page. Click on any of the pages listed in the box near the top left, below the word "Home."

Video of Garfield High School principal Ted Howard receiving the Alliance for Education 2010 Foster Award for Excellence. Click HERE

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